Each of the three companies that now com-prise the ICF Group is founded on classic and contemporary designs. Our products are built using the highest standards of manu-facturing, designed for durability and ease of use, and whenever possible our products and processes respect the environment.

For more than 50 years, ICF has provided innovative global design to the American design community. Nienkämper began its heritage of producing exceptional corporate and residential furniture in the 1960s and continues to design and create furniture that responds to the ever-changing demands of its international customer base. Since 1975, Unika Vaev has woven fresh fabric designs in sophisticated color palettes that delight the eye and its acoustical line of products provide design solutions that please the ear, as well.

A proven network of more than 70 sales representatives support the ICF Group and provide the quality of customer service that has long been the hallmark of the Group.

Please visit each of our company’s web sites for a complete description of their respective capabilities.

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